People‘s College International e.V. Assistance

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People‘s College International e.V. (PCI) can assist the process to raise awareness for the effects of a local People‘s College (PC), inform relevant stakeholders and help to give “birth“to such a project on local/regional level.

Besides consultancy from our PCI - network, we can facilitate the establishment, the professionalization process and support through access to professional know how and information.

Practical experiences can be exchanged among already long time existing and experienced People‘s Colleges and new PCs.

PCI has international connections and might even be able to facilitate international support through donors, so that the financial burden for the local government will be minimized.

A new PC can be as well supported in their public relation efforts, as the interesting news can be published in the PCI - publications.

As it smoothens and speeds up the process of building up a new People‘s College with assistance of experienced experts - the early integration of PCI is very advisable.

Assistance from experienced experts

PCI - Experts can assist in the establishment process and will assist in the akquisition of funding and support.